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Melonport AG

Melonport AG was officially founded by Mona El Isa and Reto Trinkler in July of 2016. It is a fully partner-owned, private company domiciled in Zug, Switzerland. In February of 2017, the company issued 599 400 MLN tokens, raising a total of CHF 2.5 million in under 10 minutes. Melonport AG is solely responsible for the development of Melon, the asset management computer.

Registration for the Melon Olympiad "NAXOS" has started

The Melon Olympiad is a series of blockchain-based asset management testing phases composed of several rounds. Participants who wish to engage in testing the software will receive discounted MLN tokens for their effort. You will have to create a fund on and contribute ETH to the Olympiad Naxos contract. In return, the contract will transfer the equivalent amount in MLN (+ a bonus) into your fund. Once your fund is funded, you have time until 27th August 2018 (official end date) to try out your portfolio management skills and manage your fund. When Naxos ends, you will receive all the assets in the fund.

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Melon is the first of its kind autonomous systems, designed specifically for the purposes of crypto asset management. Both its frontend as well as its backend are hosted and executed on decentralised platforms. The frontend operates on top of IPFS, while the backend leverages off a set of Ethereum smart contracts.


MLN token holders elect a technical council. The technical council then votes on the next version of Melon. Melon has built-in incentives to ensure its ongoing development, making it free from centralised authoring.


Traditional Asset Management

The necessity for so many middlemen leads to inefficiency, high running costs, and increased operational risks at every stage.

Melon Asset Management

Melon replaces a large proportion of the middlemen with smart contracts, thus enabling you to perform the same tasks at a fraction of the cost, and with higher transparency, security, and minimised requirement for trust.

Disrupting the US$84.9 trillion asset management industry, one block at a time.

Values, Mission, Vision

Our mission is to build Melon in a way that is inclusive, reliable and transparent. Users do not need to acquire permission to set up funds on Melon. Melon is not owned by Melonport AG and Melonport AG does not take any fees; it is intended as a public good, like the internet. As a result, Melon is open-source, decentralised, free from addictive feedback loops and Melonport AG does not charge any fees for the use of Melon.


  1. Melonport AG was officially founded by Reto Trinkler and Mona El Isa in July 2016. It is a fully partner owned, private company domiciled in Zug, Switzerland.

  2. In February 2017, the company created a smart-contract which issued 599 400 MLN tokens and raising a total of CHF 2.5 million in under 10 minutes in exchange for the tokens.

  3. First Melon Manager Competition! This competition aims to enable users to test the Melon protocol in a safe environment with play money on the Kovan Ethereum testnet.

  4. The first blockchain for Asset Management conference kicked off in CryptoValley Zug on October 17th with an invigorating group of people

  5. The new Melon Front-End deployed on IPFS is out: you can check it out NOW (see instructions below).

  6. Melonport AG Introducing Melon Mail — A secure messaging service between managers & investors

  7. Melon(u)Port as a KYC/AML Participation module to investors in Melon funds

  8. Todd Ruppert, former T. Rowe Price Senior Executive, joins Melonport

  9. Auditing the Melon Protocol

  10. Melon Manager Competitions Begin!

  11. First fund launched on the Ethereum main network

  12. First Melon Bug Bounty

  13. Melonport’s REINVENT FINANCE Hackathon

  14. Melonport AG Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

  15. Second Melon Bug Bounty

  16. Melon Olympiad begins

  17. Building the governance system, price feed operators